You seems to only have a concern about abortions to not fund Plan Parenthood. Have you considered that women who are raped will have to have the child of their rapist. What woman would be able to look at a child of a man who raped them & except them to love that child.

You are taking fund from social services and those funds will no longer be available to people who have been raped; physically, mentally or/and emotionally abused. those who have mental illness & need help to take their medication, checking on their progress of taking their medication & guidance on not taking illegal drugs or alcohol with their medication.

How much of the funds being given to the military will be given to the men and women who have served our country that need help dealing with issues like PTSD, ADD, along with other mental & physical illnesses. To add help with job placement, housing, adjusting to civilian life.

making tougher laws for those who rape & abuse children. Make sure that those who kill,rape &/or abuse of any kind others will not to be able to profit from the tragedy only the families of the victim. Laws that prevent killers, rapist or/ & abusers of any kind from having any parental rights with their children or their families from giving them any rights to see or know anything about the child/children.

Those who commit larceny on a person or /and a institution should have to pay the funds back from their own personal accounts and personal belongings.

Those who are rich should not get special privileges for any crime they commit as someone who is poor. The time should fit the crime. In this way, the rich would consider not doing the things that they do to others especially to the poor.

These are questions that our president should be answering to the American people. Direct questions that he and his administration would have to answer without sugarcoating. The questions that should be asked can be not just the president, but all men and women that are holding office positions that the American people voted into office. leave no stone from being turned.

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Charles Green