RE: Reading Classes in Mental Hospitals

Sometimes people are there a long time in these types of hospitals.

Minors-----they still need to be schooled --------so make sure to have classes to get them through high school and make sure reading and reading comprehension class in in these programs and math is important for add and subtract because these are used daily out here in the world and these minors need a chance in life outside hospital walls---so make sure to have classes through high school for all these kids under 18 years old and all grades should have reading and reading comprehension books all the way through 12th grade so make sure the reading books used have questions in the back of each chapter of each story at least three questions in each chapter at end of story to make sure they are understanding what they are reading

Adults ------sometimes they suffer from memory loss ----for reasons we do not know/now or understand
Memory loss from crashes or other reasons or even medications causes memory loss ----some may suffer from diseases like dyslexia which is considered a reading disease

These adults need help ----a lot of these adults who suffer from memory loss ---could at one time read and read good and read at least to some degree which for some reason they lost their memory

They must be helped ----------they must be worked with to get some of the memory lost back and re-taught to read and do math basics

Therefore, re-teach them to read and do math -------to a third grade level if they are adults who suffer from memory loss to make sure they can manage better in life on their own and this means some reading level and math is needed because we read things like street signs and add and subtract in math on a daily bases ----------so I recommend reading and math classes for adults to a third grade level be allowed and required on all mental wards and hospitals and in state and county hospitals

This Shows----------------that these hospitals are doing something constructive on these hospital premises

FACT--------these patients need something to do with their time all day while there and staff need something to do with them while there all day and this idea will help them as patients directly for them alone

A lot of patients are there along time ----more then three months ---some are even longer there like eight months or even longer then that time frame----------------------

Consider this idea!


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