I wanted to personally thank all the News Anchors at CNN "Commentators No Nonsense!" (Smile)
Waking up and after saying my prayers I immediately tune into the most "Straight And To The Point With The Real.. Drumroll "CNN!"
President Trump should have stuck to his comment from Saturday. When he had the clean up crew clean up his mess he looked like a sick kid forced to take cod liver oil to recover. Lets not forget the African American taking up for the catastrophe. He needs to pick up where Alfalfa from the "Little Rascals" left off.
Definitely made an idiot of himself.
I thank "God" the President found a moment of sympathy for the Victims and Police Officers.
We need to engrave "Heather's " name on the pavement on "Hollywood Walk Of Fame." She gave up her life fighting for justice for the lives of people of all colors having no peace. We must understand.
None of us are perfect..Only some of us realizes it.

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Valerie Tillman
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