Thursday, July 07, 2011


RE: Roads for motorcycles

I years back wrote a letter about building roads for motorcycles to travel on next to the highways in order to help stop the accidents and avoid head injuries.

This can also bring down the cost of medical bills in years to come!!!!!

Make the lanes build just one lane each way because of the cost of building the roads.

Place these new roads on maps so people know they are there to be used.

RE: apartments near the malls within walking distance.

Years back I wrote a letter about building apts for family members who are divorced or divorceing from
military members to move in and let them get jobs in malls within walking distance based on thirty percent of thier income. (make like 6 apts at 3-bedroom apts) this way you do not over build.

Make them at malls near military bases, ( this way service members can make arrangements to see child) (try to make them near malls in the same town of bases.)

Presently, there is not enough housing affordable and this is a way to help divorced parents to get housing and affordable also.

Make them only for divorced family members of military spouses.

Make them within walking distance of malls ( like within four blocks) because this way they won’t
miss work.

Make a day care on the premises (big enough for like 12 kids) and ask to see if retiree’s may take turns helping keep an eye on kids while parents are at work (chances are you will need about 12 volunteers.)
parents most likely will not be able to pay because of low income they will be making so they will have to be volunteers.

RE: single and disabled housing

I wrote a letter about affordable housing for singles who make min. wage and I would like to discuss
it again!


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Re: Roads for motorcycles
apts near malls
single and disabled housing

A lot o f singles don’t make but min. wage and need a place affordable to rent and a lot of them will not be able to qualify for low-income housing!!!!!!

They are willing to work at malls hard and full time.

can you build a lower cost apts near walking distance of malls because a lot of them do not have or make enough money for cars.

Build them within walking distance of malls (like within four blocks).

Make some studios (like 20 of them) on a piece of land near a mall.

When young in my twenty’s I could have used something like that!!!

Then just would have worked instead of borrowing loan and pell grant for school. (for at least the first four years after turning eighteen)

Pay at min. wage after tax and insurance removed about 500.00 left to spend So rent would need to be thirty percent of pay (I was a full time employee)(or apt must be as low as 300.oo a month w/electric)

Katrine Elizabeth Sackett(homeless)
3/24/63 tacoma pierce wa(ft lewis wa)
c/o david hall 5108 N. lovers lane rd apt 47
Milwaukee WI 53225
(eyes brown) 5ft 2\3intall

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