Home economics class in grade school ----------it was worthless for us as students it did not get us ready for adult hood life or work

Reason: teachers did not teach us anything we need to know/now or could use in real life settings at home or work

1. Example : teachers taught us how to stuff a fabric made in a shape of a doll---------but that is not what we do at home or at work

a. Home------we sew on buttons or shorten pant legs
b. Work ----the big equipment sewing machines do the work for us that we learn to run and use to sew things like pants or shirts and other things

2. Instead try this in home economic classes

a. Teach for sewing: how to shorten pants legs and how to sew on buttons (by hand and by sewing machine)

3. Then teach these things in home economics also:

a. Microwave------teach kids how to use a microwave and short lesson on different types of things you can make in microwave like baked potatoes and teach them how to do it make a few potatoes with them kids and how to warm up soup how to cook meat in it buy meat and actually teach them how to do it and frozen goods how to warm them up in microwave (hands on teaching them how to do it)

b. T.v. -----teach them how to use the commands on a t.v. some have come every technical show them how to use all the commands on a t.v. maybe you can get 2 or 3 types of different t.v.’s and teach all the commands on all the 2/3 t.v.’s

c. Phones ---they have also come more technical ------maybe you can have a lesson on how all the commands work on phones

d. Business phones -----maybe teacher can get a business phone to put in the class to teach kids how to use a business phone also

e. Stove ----how to use a stove show them actually on how to cook items and how to use all the commands on the stove how to really actually run it

f. Lawn mower -------teach the kids how to use a lawn mower -----both the one by hand and the technical ones which run by you setting on the lawn mowers (ones used at home and at work) (give hands on training also)

g. Coffee pots ---some actually have become technical -------teach kids how to use all the commands on coffee pots and teach them to make coffee (have maybe 2/3 different types of coffee pots) teach hands on training on how to do it and how to use commands

h. Mop and broom ------teach kids how to broom and mop a floor at home and at work (use the school machines to show kids how to run them for work sweeping and moping)

I. Budget ----teach kids how to make a budget for use at home

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