Today is dec 31 2019 about 8:40 PM I went to the atm machine(about 8:05pm) at the wells fargo bank on airport road near the highland mall which some of it was turned over to the college (I believe) sense students come in and out of it
It appears that the $138.00 dollar check did make it to the bank direct deposit according to the slip from the machine sense what was left and the check for 138.00 would add up (about ) right there was only like/about 33.87 left in the account on/about dec 30 2019 when I stopped in and the slip jus today said 152.83 total but the 665.oo check did not show it was yet deposited so I am going believe it will not be until the 3rd of dec 2019 be deposited so I will go see on the dec 3rd 2019 to see if it got in the direct deposit at the wells fargo account note that there does not show any other deposits were made by anyone say anyone else or by social security/ u.s. treasury but please have a happy holiday and a happy new years eve and have a happy new years day signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady (5’3)(5’2 ½)
Spring terrace apts 214 7101 n ih 35 austin tx near dennys by burger king and by st johns and ih-35

p.s. note that I am not exspecting checks from anyone else or business and the and the atm machines do not show or say or state were the checks are coming from that kind of thing I would go to the bank in person and get a account history from the bank staff to show were any deposits were made from and when or withdrawels an one theing abut this is the error they claimed at the bank was that a 700 dollar edeposit in branch store and same day time period it shows edeposit in branch store revl the 700 dollar was withdrawn but don’t state who (but not by me) sense the social security about at 655 and 136 was already on there the account history as answered and accounted for on the history slip already thought I would mention it

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