At first I had a little faith in Trump but soon found out he is like all the rest not worthy of an ounce of respect. The way he handles issues is a complete nightmare and his ego is so over stated it beyond appauling. He's is quite stupid in my personal opinion. He shows no compassion for the poor,disabled or seniors and homeless but rather makes a mockery of them and makes them to look ashamed of their tragedies.shame on him. God will have no part in such things and Trumps days I image will be miserable because of his lack of love for God's very heart.also karma can come very quickly when you least expect it.even the Bible tells us not to toot our own horon n so Mr.Trump has some to far as negative review from press I suppose if a person wasn't negative maybe they wouldn't get I correct?anyway I think the Trump policies and personality Are going to leave us all knee deep in Horse poo.

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Polly Peltz
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