I have paid rent every month and the fact is when I first arrived it was not due until the 8th of the month we had until 8th of the month after the contract and a new year arrived it was changed to the 7th which is o.k. cause I get my check on the 3rd which I use to pay the rent at 30% of income when new contract started which changes sometimes on ssi because sometimes ssi office says they gave over payment and collect back later so it is lower then previous month and my contract was due so I got to pay a lower amount of rent for the year because of it that is all it was just
this is a questionable thing the air is off most of the time it seems because it is so hot not reasonable air up to 85 and 78 78 and above is to high and it don't come in the air I mean (air conditioner don't come on I mean)
74 and lower is better and reasonable like 72 is reasonable and fair
fact is I can even be considered as high as 74 sense we have people that act like they are from out of the country from places like Africa or Mexican desserts heat and may like it real warm so of course I want to be considered also but 74 is as high as sit should have to go no higher 74 is actually still warm and warm enough it don't need to be any warmer inside the building
those who need it warmer go to wilderness of Africa or Mexican dessert were it is 80 degree heat all day and night just not here in the united states living with us here
74 is more then reasonable as far as warmth meaning its warm enough inside
I like it myself at about 70 to 72 to me that is warm enough I don't mind giving in a little bit for others but no warmer then 74 or its to hot and I suffer of to warm and not reasonable request from other to follow understand that
the staff or the others need who want it warmer then 74 need to go to Africa wilderness or Mexican dessert to live were it hits 80/90 100 degrees heat just not in America
74 and above(warmth) is no longer reasonable means to hot (therefore 74 warmth is as far as I go for the others to tolerate as far as air conditioner being set on meaning no above 74 must stay 74 or less to keep it cool enough
truth is I do not recommend these staff here none of them get hired any place else they actually do not do a good job running the place
none of the staff here is anyone I would hire or say keep on as staff long
I opinion is I would not recommend the present staff here at spring terrace be hired any place else as staff or management or any other type of staff
remember this building was on the demolition list to be knocked down and therefore, donated for apt use for the poor
signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463whitelady(5'3)(5'2 1/2)
spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 Austin tx by burger king near denny's restaurant
april 2019
note: just know someone said he has dislexia a reading problem explain what you mean

this is what I mean : I woke up the building this morning to get the early bus to go to Walmart and I noticed in the hall it was hot very hot and decided to check what the air conditioner says it says building is at 85 degree heat inside the building that is to hot for the inside of a building I turned it down to 75 degree heat to get it to cool off a little

reasonable is for a inside of a building is warmth of 72 to 74 warm anything higher for heat is to hot inside of a building

(note that I like it myself lower like warmth as low as 70 degree’s actually) but don’t mind 72 warmth if others like it warm inside a building)

There is just so much I should be asked to tolerate from others as far as how hot a inside of a building should be 74 heat/warm is far as I go as far as how warm a building should be allowed to be

Those of you who like it warmer then 74 degree’s heat inside of a building should move to wilderness of Africa or Mexican desert to live there

Reason-----74 degrees and above really is actually warm for a inside of a building and anything above 74 warmth is to high and to warm and not reasonable and I should not have to tolerate it at all or be asked to tolerate it

We have no say so on how hot it gets or cold it gets or stays outside of a building but we do inside of a building and the building is kept to hot and not reasonable at all

The others and management are not reasonable and keep it to hot in the building (maybe they should consider moving to wilderness of Africa or Mexican desert themselves

I actually do not recommend the staff or management be hired at other locations or places of work because of what goes on here at this place

I have lived in texas (temple) for about 10 years before I joined military ng/reserves and was in tx as a kid and I am familiar with the heat and cold in texas plenty and have lived other states

The only thing I should have to say to those who want to live in a building hotter then 74 warmth is move your ass to Mexican desert or wilderness of Africa just (as far as heat/warmth of a building being allowed)

The others who like it warmer then 74 warmth in a building are not reasonable people or considered of others

Those who keep a building warmer then 74 warmth are not people who I can recommend hired at other places of work or business’s

Business loans from government ----I do not recommend business loans be given to people who want to build a business and hire people to work there or live there in it unless the person is willing to keep the building warmth as low as 74 degree’s or lower like 72 degree’s warmth and leaving the building warm as 75 or above is to hot and not reasonable at all and not reasonable to ask people to tolerate at all either

Remember this is America not wilderness of Africa or Mexican desert if you like the buildings so very hot move over there to live

(once I noticed they had it set so it stays as hot as 78 warmth in the building and once so the building stays as warm as 85 warmth and that is to hot for a inside of a building)(this kind of heat for a inside of a building is not reasonable from people and I should not be asked to tolerate it neither should a few others who have also made remarks about the heat inside so hot)
April 11 2019 date sackett

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