in temple texas and near bell county belton tx a trailer on some land tow guys who live in one one of the guys was at the park and I was there he said he would take me to the trailer and let me stay I could clean it up instead of paying rent and just stay a few days I did I went along cleaned it up and stayed a few days I noticed people are in and out of the trailers I noticed one night that a few men came in almost seemed as if they walked through the walls looked and then left strange thing to happen (I noticed some letters and bills with phone bills with the name connie whitaker(not sure of spelling) on it she was a girl once going to school at the temple belton area when I was there as a young person staying in temple belton area as a kid she went to the school in the area see then I noticed here in Austin that people go into our apts when not there but I think staff are letting them in the apts when we are out and some of us have gotten sick and I noticed In the emergency room when I went a lot of people are there very sick also I went after I got a serious pain and also in my stomach some pain and bleeding I know/now it is not my period/menstrual cycle because I have not had it for years I was so sick I went into the emergency room and saw a lot of people there also once In this apt the water tasted like sewer water people here at these apts have also gotten sick once I drank a soda In Wisconsin it tasted like oil or grease like taste I told a factory worker and asked if they could contact soda factory and let them know/now I think we are under attack even if we don't always appear to be I question the so called authority's as they claim to be why they let or brought so many people to include females of the national/race in which we are at war with to the united states that did not seem smart it appears we are under attack here this was not the time to bring them here we as citizens like me and others don't even get that much help or protection from you all as authority figures like police border patrol dps or sheriff or any one of you all supplys seem sometimes as if they have been messed with like food medicines other things don't know/now what to think about all this people put on medicines from psychiatry which made them sick I had that happens once also I fell asleep on a bench and police were pissed off and sent me to a mental hospital because of it I got sick on the medicines due to careless of employees who would not stop the meds a lot of patients ended up medically sick because staff failed to stop meds when told we were getting sick on the medicines

signed Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463 white lady not a stupid black one who parades around as a now/know it all like some one I am familiar with today is January 11 2019

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