VOTE - I'm taking a different direction with the upcoming election. I don't want to mention tr_ _ p’s name, he's not the pr......., he's a bully dictator, and actually just a symptom of changes made by Reagan in 1987 to The Fairness Act, requiring honesty, equity and balance of those with broadcast licenses.  We need to shift the focus away from him and outwardly provide support for those he is continually criticizing. I challenge any news media to go one day without mentioning his name and without showing any photo/video/tweet of him. Too much time is wasted on showing him, covering him. Changing such lifetime mindsets as tr _ _ p and those who follow him does not happen overnight.

I agree much of what is happening is horrible, full of hate, unaccepting of anyone who is different. However, WE don't need to be convinced (continuously by the media and too much repetition on social media) that he is more of a bully dictator than a Pre...... - WE need to put our efforts and energy towards getting people out to VOTE - supporting all diverse people, supporting all democratic candidates - governors, senators, congress representatives, and ALL local democrats - VOTE!!!   

Forget the negative for at least a day or two and put all your communication, efforts and energy towards making a difference in the upcoming election - VOTE - VOTE DEMOCRAT - Help others to VOTE. VOTE!!!

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Jeff C