blacks and other colors and races like mexicans and so on YOU all should not vote for your own race like black vote for a black just because the person trying to get votes is black in color and not because you think he or she is a person who would make a good president or senator which is how it looks like what you all are doing as varies race/colors
rather then vote for them because you who is a black yourself is voting for a black is that you are voting for a black simply because he/she is black in color not because he/she would be a good president or senator
meaning blacks vote for a person running for president only because of her/his black color and don't care if she/he would be a good president or not a good president I myself don't do that myself.
signed katrine elizabeth sackett32463 whitelady (5'3)(5' 21/2)
7101 n ih 35 austin texas apt 214 spring terrace apts old building donated from the demolition list to be knocked down for poor and soc sec reciepts to rent from april 2019 april 18 2019

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