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I when a little girl and adult had time frames/time periods in my life when I would gain a little weight (not much) but, some
Example when I was about 9/10 or so of age I gained a little baby fat and may have appeared heavy (some-what) BUT,
Lost it all later by the time I was twelve or thirteen years old I lost it all and was back in the weight frame recommended by medical field charts to be in as far as weight based on age and height charts the charts have a lowest and highest recommended frame to be in for weight based on age and height (I was in the frame allowed)

When I became a pre-teenager and teenager 12yrs-15yrs then 16-18yrs I was within the normal allowed limits of weight
At age 16 yrs old I was between 118 pounds to 125 pounds (sometimes I was as low as 108 pounds)

Young adult--at age 18 and 19 I was as low as 108 to 118 lbs
Young adult at age 20 to 28 I was as low as 108 to 130

I was pregnant several times in my life(about 3/4 times) and gain some weight during the time period( but got an abortion) later a few months like two I lost the weight and dropped back down to about 120 to 130 pounds

So! No truth to me having a weight condition based on my bodily functions in natural form caused by my body defects or birth retarded body system (my body was a normal healthy system)

My weight was normal and gained only during certain times(stages of life) then dropped back into normal limits allowed based on medical recommended charts talking about weight

(The stages of life) are a normal part of life that happens to every one when it comes to weight gain but then drops back to normal (everyone goes through it at some time point)

I do not recommend people go on strange diets or diet pills just because they gain a little weight (make sure first that it is not just a issue of the (stage of life) before you go on needless diets or dangerous diet pills

Everyone needs to know/now that in your life that you go through stage periods in life which you may gain weight and then lose it later again on its own without diets and dangerous diet pills being used (that was the case for me)

Just pay more attention during the time period of the state of life of what your eating to be careful but no need to go on needless diets or dangerous diet pills

Later in life when started on a psychiatric medicine I got sick on it (it made me sick) and I gained weight from the medicines and it caused a weight problem because it took my health and made me medically sick and caused my health to be poor and my system to be of poor health(therefore, gained weight)(if the problem is permanent or temp that part I am not sure of yet)

I hope the legal system county or state or dept of defense or civilian areas or medical staff did not destroy my medical records or clinical records to avoid punishment or disciplinary action for wrong doing for starting me on the psych meds and causing me the medical condition or weight problem with those psych meds

Signed Katrine elizabeth sackett32463(whitelady) (5’21/2)(5’3)
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Date September 7, 2018

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