sexual frequency
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My wife and I have sex on average 2.4 times a day and I have orgasm on average 1.6 times a day over a year. I am 63 and she is 27, are we normal?
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who ever put this in here in the whatpeoplesay --------------is there a reason we all who use this program and read what people say need to know/now is there a reason we need to know/now that your wife has sex with you 2.4 times a day and you have a orgasm 1.6 times a day over a year why do we need to know/now this?????????????????
Sept 2, 2011
RE: Signature on blank form
Years back!! I signed something blank for a company called family and employee services on water and 3rd street (I believe it was) (back in about year 94-95-98 or so) (family service on highland)and family service company
But, It was still blank as forms with my signature on it (mine) when I left there!!
It could have been filled in then BUT, it could have been left blank for later use or misuse and I
do not have no way of telling one way or another!!
When I went back to see about a copy to review the forms for correctness and what this so called
lady named Nancy Buchanoon(who’s spelling I am not sure of) did with it I only saw a sign saying moved But, no forwarding address or address of were the company moved to was left on the sign on the door. (so I could never find the company or staff claimed to be nancy buchanoon).
I hope no one misused the forms with my signature on it (which no one yet filled in at that point
and time.)
John Rathman and barb/kiefer from LSS/Marquette house and donna and kim/lowell said someone called the company and needed me to come down and sign something for them (I did not think it would be a big deal)(I figured government red tape just)(same owner as of newberry house at 1828 e newberry blvd group home)
I was in a hurry that day so I signed it blank and left ( said send a copy to me to review and if any errors I`ll come down for the company to make corrections. (but, I never got them to review).
Please! Do not misuse my signature on those blank forms!!
AGAIN! Do not misuse my signature on those blank forms which were not yet filled in!!
In fact! They could have sent it some place else to be misused even out of state.
I hope military did not get it to be misused! Especially the office who takes care of paper work(enlistment) which was behind and new recruits suffered because of it(to include like me)(they failed to do paper work properly on time from the start at basic training)
Katrine Elizabeth Sackett
3-24-63 tacoma pierce washington (ft lewis wa)
legal name change from kathrine Elizabth Sackett
to katrine Elizabth Sackett in bell county temple tx(HYDE STEPDADS LAST NAMEDIVORCEDMOMYEARSEVENTYFIVE)
year about 1985 march and decree of annulment from Wilfred acholonu in april 1986(about)(2wksonly)
brown eyes 5ft 2\3 intall c\o david hall 5108N.LoversLnRd apt47
Milwaukee Wi 53225 4144618019
NOTE: 2nd Letter about this issue
Family and employee service and family service are the same company according to a staff at family service I hope military don’ t misuse my signature either

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